1. For reservation of tickets, the visitors shall register through the website www.ksstm.in using an active mobile number and/or email id and a password.

2. The reservation slip showing reservation number will be send to the registered email id and/or the mobile number (as SMS) after completing the online payment. The registration slip will be also available at the customer login accounts in the website.

3. Visitors are requested to collect actual tickets from the Kiosk installed at the centre, using the reservation number.

4. The visitors are requested to carry the registered mobile while visiting the campus as the OTP for issuing actual tickets at kiosks will be send to the registered mobile on the day of visit. It is mandatory to carry the orginal id card of the visitor who has booked the ticket.

5. Online ticket reservation facility is available for Science Galleries & Park, Planetarium show, 3D show, Science on Sphere show, and Musical Water Fountain show.

6. There is no special reservation fee for online booking other than the actual ticket fare. But banking charges related to payment gateway shall be borne by the visitor.

7. Tickets are also available at KSSTM campus counter for all scheduled regular shows, subject to availability.

8. For special shows (shows conducted based on demand), tickets are available only at campus ticket counter.

9. Online reservation is available till 3 hours before the scheduled show timing.

10. All Mondays are holidays for the Museum.

11. Visitors are requested to refer show timings and tariff before booking. Show timings and date of reserved tickets are not alterable.

12. Visitors are requested to enter Museum campus at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the show.

13. No tickets are required for children less than 3 years.

14. For children in the age group of 3-12, special discounted rates will be charged.

15. Persons above 12 years old will be considered as Adults and should take full tickets.

Cancellation Policy

16. Ticket refund is based on the Cancellation policy. 80% of actual fare will be refunded if online reservation is cancelled at least 2 days before date of visit; 50% refund till 1 day before the reserved date. No refund is applicable for cancellation afterwards. In case, due to any reasons, if KSSTM couldn’t conduct the show or open the facility, due to any unforeseen reasons, the full ticket amount will be refunded.

17. For bulk booking from educational institutions, the group leader should carry the request containing the list of students in original letterhead from the institution and will be verified before issuing the actual tickets. The ticket will be considered invalid and no refund will be done if the group leader fails to produce the request.

18. All visitors are expected to follow the rules and procedures of KSSTM while visiting the campus.

19. Online transaction charges as applicable for the payment gateway will be extra as actual.

20. Maximum number of visitors that can be booked in a ticket is limited to 65. If there are more than 65 people in the group booking, its is advised to book as multiple tickets.

21. Any disputes regarding the online tickets will be settled at the discretion of the Director, KSSTM.