The official ticketing application of Kerala State Science and Technology Museum developed to provide citizens with a utility to book tickets for multiple facilities owned by KSSTM. The documents and information displayed on the website are for reference purposes only and cannot be claimed to be a legal document.
The information contained on the website is based on the inputs received from various sections of Kerala State Science and Technology Museum

1. Visitors has to come 15 minutes before the time slot selected by them

2. Visitors has to show the government approved id’s and online invoice which is provided while booking

3. The department has the rights to cancel, modify and postpone any part of the ticket invoice in full or in parts at any time without notice, due to unforeseen circumstances (like weather, accidents, road blocks , electricity issues and other guidance issues) rising then and there at the individual facilities/ locations.

4. Visitors need to have the mobile number used during booking. OTP based authentication will be sent to mobile phones at the facility for ticket generation.

General Do’s and Don’ts

• Avoid littering public places and ensure that waste is disposed only in bins earmarked for the purpose.
• Always dump waste in proper places where there are dustbins.
• Never throw away plastic bags and waste in the location.
• Be aware of the negative aspects of insensitive behaviour, such as taking photographs of people without their consent or failure to observe proper decorum.
• Dress codes to be followed, modest dress is preferred.
• Do not damage equipments/exhibits at the facility.
• Keep noise to the minimum.
• In case of group registrations, do not move away from your group.